Mindfulness to Heartfulness


"The pace of the meditation work.....the unpacking of the experience, each person's journey honoured, just the right amount of exploration, explanation, theory.  Linking the different disciplines of body, exercise, breathing, meditation made a fantastic deep experience"



This retreat is perfect for you if you are new to meditation, need to deepen and replenish your practice, are looking for a comprehensive and integrative approach to meditation that develops beyond basic mindfulness practices. This retreat is equally appropriate for those new or experienced in meditation.

We will explore meditation and energy work in a gentle and supportive environment, with guidance and one to one support where required. With deep understanding for the individual journey we welcome all of you here, not just the meditative ‘peaceful’ you, but the reality of you with all the richness and difficulties of life.

You will learn subtle body cleansing exercises, to liberate restrictive emotional blockages and restore internal harmony, deepening your appreciation of your individual connection to your spirituality, and what that means within your life. What you will do here is not 'separate' from your daily life, the intention is to encourage your deepest values to become more embedded within your life.

Gradually, and at your own pace, the meditations and exercises move you deeper, providing a structure to create the opportunity for change, increased clarity of thought, self-acceptance, personal authority and the development of a warm and compassionate heart.

"Meditation work at Bonhays (with Sophie) is essentially heart work, learning to quietly open to the deep mystery of our existence.  We begin to meet the world with compassion rather than fear, because we are learning to be compassionate to ourselves,  We meet others' failings with forgiveness because we have explored what it really means to forgive ourselves.  We protect ourselves not with barriers and reactivity but with the indestructible power of softness and openness."  Jeremy. Click here to see what others have said about this course


Included in the price:

Two nights' accommodation in your own room with exclusive use of the center. All teaching, one post-retreat consultation and individual attention as needed during the retreat.

All meals from the first evening through to lunch on the third day lovingly prepared by our chef using local organic vegetarian ingredients.

Unrestricted access to both the meditation room and the indoor heated swimming pool.

Time to enjoy the beautiful rural landscape, two miles from the sea with time to walk, rest, swim or just be.

The opportunity to follow up and continue the work within an ongoing program of retreats.

Cost: £320 inclusive (£160 deposit on booking).

Non Residential £220 (includes all meals, £160 deposit on booking)