Accommodations and Bonhays Meditation and Retreats Centre


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Bonhays is made up of three buildings, all in close proximity to one another, please see the plan below.

We have 11 bedrooms with 14 beds, 5 of the beds are doubles, so 3 of the possible combinations are:

  • 11 people could have their own bedroom.

  • 14 people could have there own bed with 6 people in 3 twin bedrooms.

  • 18 people if there are couples in the 5 double beds and 9 in the single beds (one of the bedrooms has a double and single bed in it)

  • We also have a small cottage with two double bedrooms. This would be let assuming it is available and the main centre is full.

The Dining room and Meditation room can hold up to 24 people assuming some people use different sleeping accommodation such as camping, our Cottage, shepherds hut or a local B&B.

The group room is comfortable for about 15 people doing yoga although they have squeezed 20 in there...but it is a squeeze. For large groups needing more space we have the village hall which is a minutes walk from the centre. The village hall costs an extra £40 per day.

Floor plan of The Straw Cabins


Two cosy 2-bedroom cabins built from limewashed straw bale. Each cabin offers:

  • 1 double bedroom

  • 1 twin bedroom

  • Shower and loo

  • Galley kitchen and diner/sitting room

  • Lovely verandas overlooking the hills


  • 4 single bedrooms

  • 2 doubles

  • 1 triple

  • 1 bath, 1 shower

  • 2 toilets

  • Large kitchen

  • Sitting room with woodburner

  • Conservatory dining room



  • Cottage next to the centre has two double beds, see here.

  • Shepherds Hut a short walk from the centre has one double bed, see here.

  • B&B local to Bonhays

  • Camping on the centre grounds using the centre facilities.


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