History of Bonhays Meditation and Retreats Centre


Fourteen years in the making......a huge learning for all involved.  Much inspiration, dedication, exhaustion and not without a few miracles, until we finally finished in 2006.

Chris, Sophie's ex partner managing the overall big picture, as well as doing a huge amount of the physical work.  Sophie attending to detail, children and her own work.  With many supporters, encouragement and help we eventually got there.  If you are interested in the history, have a look below for some photos and a bit more about the journey.


The Journey

These photos show you some of the development stages of Bonhays.  From laying out the levels, to cutting the straw.  The main cottage without the conservatory, which we then realised was vital for people to dine comfortably. 

Two children (who now look so small!) trying the swimming pool before we had finished, and in there somewhere a picture of the barn and the whole site before we began at all...enjoy.

The Willow System

Managing our waste responsibly is important to us. Our willow sewage system has become a haven for amphibians, insects and nesting sites for warblers and long tailed tits.  There were fish but the heron enjoyed them all!  It has become a beautiful, smell free success, come and see! Click here for more about The Willow System