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Sophie Johnson began learning TaiJi and Qigong as a teenager, this led to exploring and practising other cultures approaches to internal development.  For the last 4 years she has returned to Daoist practises under the teaching and supervision of Damo Mitchell of Lotus Nei Gong, and is an instructor for both Qi Gong and Nei Gong for Damo's school.

Qi Gong (energy work) is a comprehensive system of specific exercises, combining breath, body movements and the intention of your mind to open up the body and joints and create a greater flow of energy.  Working with the internal systems of the body, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, as well as the muscles, blood and energy flow.   It will improve your health, immune system and reduce/purge the impact of stress on your body and mind.  Qi gong works with the energy system and meridians of the body to achieve these aims, promoting emotional and physical health and well-being.

In the Classes and Retreats Sophie will be drawing on and teachng a number of different Qigong sets, Sung Breathing, Ji Ben Qi Gong (fundamentals) Wu Xing Qi Gong (5 element Qi Gong), Hunyuan Qi Gong and Wu Dao Yin. The classes also include body conditioning, loosening and stretching.

Nei Gong (Internal work) is for the more advanced practitioner, and as such not so understood as Qi Gong.  It is a process of change and energetic/vibrational refinement, rather than a specific set of forms,  it is best suited for those adventurous in spirit, with a capacity for discipline, looking for internal transformation, and spiritual development.  The signs of progression initially manifest in the body similar to the Kriya's in Yoga.  There is no need to wonder if energy is moving, the signs are perfectly clear!  Sophie teaches this in the systematic way she has been taught by her teacher Damo Mitchell.  There are tools we can use to facilitate this process of energetic awakening;  Qi gong and Dao Yin (cleansing and tonifying) exercises, combined with various breathing techniques and body conditioning.  Nei Gong needs to be facilitated through transmission from a teacher who has internalised this process to his or her level and was traditionally always taught this way.  Sophie will be teaching the early stages of Nei Gong, incorporating opening the body with various emphasises within the Qi Gong sets taught, to clear blocks from the energetic and physical body. 

Sophie has found immeasurable benefit to her meditation practice, clarity and strength of internal energy movement, through the practice of Nei Gong and the support and transmission of her teacher.