Energy at Bonhays Meditation and Retreats Centre

Energy Work

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart." Helen Keller

Water Lilies energy panel

Within and around the body are complex circulations and movements of energy, with the use of meditation, the breath and body movement, we can explore these circulations and begin to understand their ebbs and flows. In the course of exploration varying levels of blockage will become apparent, with the help of meditation and careful grounding, we can begin to understand the cause of these blockages and the emotional and physical effect they have and so begin a process of healing.

As the blockages soften, fade and release we are able to move into deeper levels of our energetic structures and heart/mind. In this way the depth of our spiritual journey is very much part of our emotional healing, increasing our capacity for clarity, compassion and self acceptance: whilst opening us to the qualities/virtues always present within our essential nature.

We use meditation practices and Qi Gong, using our intention and awareness to move energy through the subtle anatomy structure within and around the body encompassing the chakras, aura structure, sound and light. Whilst everyone is given the same exercise, each person is encouraged to accept their own unique experience and appreciate their individuality.

To learn this energy and healing work will never follow a solely formal, theoretical or scientific pattern. It is our appreciation of our own experiences, the use of intuition whilst strengthening inner authority, the gradual means to differentiate between emotional interference and true insight, that increasingly we learn to rely upon, trust and express our understanding of energy and spirituality from a lived, worked and authentic position.