Dear Everyone

Bonhays exists as a result of a very generous donation and very low interest loan that contributed to the buying of the land and building of the main centre.

Claire Breeze and her company Relume have played a vital part in Bonhays recent resurgence, not only the support and advice that Claire gave whilst she lived here but also she became involved with Bonhays financially as a sleeping partner.

As a result of a difficult year Relume has asked if that injection of money can be returned. Although Bonhays is buoyant we, as a retreat centre, are limited in the pace at which we can return the money.

The amount is £65000, ideally we would like to return all the money in one go, as opposed to annual payments over a period of time. So we are just putting it out there in case there is someone who would like to take over the role or even part of it. That is inject the same amount or some of money and take over the sleeping partner role.

We can offer free spaces on two of our retreats every year as well as setting aside an amount of money (£2000 - £3000) every year that would be used to benefit individuals of families who cannot afford to come here, or to support a project such as a garden, the building of a long term retreat hut or any other ideas in keeping with the Bonhays ethos.

If you are interested in taking over this role or part of it please contact Tony or Sophie for more details at