Beginners Meditation Class

January 21st 2017 (9:30am - 1pm)

with Tony Stringer

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Meditation Class West Dorset

This class is for beginners and those who have begun to meditate but are having difficulty making a connection to meditation. I will give you a few 'keys' to help you into meditation or deepen the contact you already have with it.

This meditation class is open to all, religious or not, spiritual or not, meditation is inherent in all of us. Don't worry if you cannot sit cross legged, sitting in a chair is fine to. 

Meditation is an essential tool for a deeper understanding of oneself but it is also very helpful with the simple business of day to day living, how it is used is up to the individual.

You will be able to follow up with one of our other courses if you want to take your meditation further and I will be giving meditation evening classes for those who have done the beginners course.

The Cost  is £15.

The class has limited spaces so could you fill out the form below and follow any one of the paying options after pressing the 'submit' button.


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