2016 Retreats at Bonhays Meditation and Retreats Centre

 Other Retreats 2016

When Bonhays is not running it's own courses we hire out the centre to other unassociated course leaders. If you are looking specifically for Bonhays courses click here.  If you are interested in running a course here click here.

Pilates and Nordic Walking Weekend

with Hilary Warrell

March 18th - 20th

Invigorating nordic walking along the beautiful Jurassic coast combined with mindful morning pilates and relaxing evening stretching classes.

Please contact Hilary on: 07963 252 577 or email: hgwarrell@hotmail.co.uk

‘Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about yourself’

All curious yogis are welcome to join me at the beautiful Bonhays Retreat Centre where we have the luxury of 3 days to explore and be inspired by some of the many wonderful teachings of yoga. Move beyond the asana and delve deeper. Just as a seed is nourished toward growth by the earth, the sun and the rain, let yourself be nourished by the asana, pranayama, mudra, bhanda, mantra, yamas, niyamas …. and more! Using inspiring writings poems, stories, myths and mantras we will cultivate ourselves and grow in our understanding and experience of yoga.

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Yoga with Pam

with Pam Steele

May 13th - 15th

Join Pam for a weekend of Yoga.

Healing Light Yoga

with Jane

June 3rd - 5th

Jane has evolved her own personal style of teaching yoga ,  drawing on her experience of Dru, Scaravelli and Iyengar yoga teachings.  She also introduces into her classes ancient Tibetan healing techniques, working with the breath and visualisation  to create a free flow of energy through the whole system, both physically and mentally.

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Join Soraya to celebrate the Summer Solstice, exploring our connection with the rhythms of nature, lightness and darkness, through dynamic flowing practices with an emphasis on alignment, the breath and self exploration. Early evening  Restorative yoga will help to draw you deeper within and find stillness,  just as the earth becomes still as night falls. In the afternoon there will be Nordic Walking with Hilary Warrell, time outdoors immersed in light and sea air.

To book or for more details contact www.sorayayoga.co.uk

Steps Ahead

with Penny Nicholas

July 1st - 3rd

Steps Ahead has become a flourishing network of people interested in developing a meditation practice to nurture their well-being and to help them make the most of their life today and in the future. We all thrive when we experience friendship and receive kindness – these are two of the hallmarks of Steps Ahead.

The Intuitive Weekend

with Wendy Brooking

September 2nd - 4th

This weekend will comprise of a small gathering of 9 guests. On each of the three days there will be yoga classes and guided meditation times as well as the opportunity to be silent and rest. The food through out the weekend will be organic delicious healthy fresh Raw and /or Cooked; where ever possible it will be local and artisan.

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Nectar for your Soul

with Sonraya Grace

October 7th - 9th

This retreat offers a blend of meditation, guided meditations, self-enquiry exercises and shamanic soul journeys led by Sonraya, all designed to heal and empower you to embody more of your soul’s essence. View her course video here.

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Yoga with Pam

with Pam Steele

October 14th - 16th

Join Pam for a weekend of Yoga.