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My practice of meditation and inner work began when I was fifteen, establishing spiritual practice as the focus for the rest of my life.  I am now 49.  My journey began within the Daoist arts as I was deeply interested in the relationship between the body, the subtle energy system, and the psychological work I was doing.   At that time I couldn't find a teacher within the Daoist system that fulfilled the rounded development I was looking for so I found myself on the way to Denmark in 1989 to meet the Irish spiritual teacher Bob Moore.  It was with Bob’s work  I found a form of development that brought together many of the things I had found of value in different approaches.  This synthesis of approach showed me ways of working with a genuine spiritual pathway, whilst giving a framework to integrate the inevitable emotional, ‘shadow’ aspects, which will emerge as we, in the west, attempt to dive deep.  During this 12 year period of retreat, and training I met my first partner Chris, had our lovely children and conceived the vision for the centre.

After Bob's death I spent some years without a teacher.  I knew I needed another teacher, there were many 'blank' spots not just within myself but also within my learning and understanding of the energy arts.  During a period of difficult upheaval and disintegration within my personal life I found my current  teacher Damo Mitchell with whom I am in on-going training, returning again, full circle to Daoism! I am so fortunate to have found another exceptional teacher with whom I am learning a great deal.  Deepening my lifelong study of energywork, integrating this with the body, and returning to Taiji, Qigong and Neigong.

For the last 20 years I have been teaching meditation, running residential courses and retreats and developing the spiritual development programme here at Bonhays. I also trained as an Interfaith Minister and occasionally create meaningful ceremony if I am asked.  There are numerous individuals whom have offered so many forms of support, without whom we would not be here, I am deeply grateful to you all.

When I am not working or training, I love being with my family, walking, personal retreat time, wild swimming and warm evenings sharing cooking, and all the good things!

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Sophie Johnson