Testimonials for courses at Bonhays Meditation and Retreats Centre


Comments from the last Mindfulness to Heartfulness course:

"I am really happy to have found Bonhays...I found the environment, and the poeple involved very nurturing, physically, emotionally and spiritually".

"Thank you Sarah for looking after us in her lovely gentle way.  Sophie was wonderful."

"The pace of the meditation work.....the unpacking of the experience, each person's journey honoured, just the right amount of exploration, explanation, theory.  Linking the different disciplines of body, exercise, breathing, meditation made a fantastic deep experience".

"Sophie's calm wise presence and sense of humor.  Thank you so much".

"Fantastic food.  Nourishing, tasty, divine...so lovely to be looked after".

Previous appreciation :)

"It is at Bonhays, under the careful guidance of Sophie, that my greatest learning and spiritual development has taken place."

"We so appreciated the attention to detail, the flowers in the rooms, decking, candlesticks, etc.  Above all the energy in which we bathed and immediately sank deep in our meditation. The beauty and the care that has gone into the buildings gives us all such a lot."

"Thank you for another amazing four days. For the full hearted energy and integrity you always bring to your work, and for the clarity that comes with it. Thank you for being brave enough to confront me, not many people are!"

"As for the food, once again Laura's thoughtful and creative cooking was deeply delicous and nourishing. I don't know how she does it but the meal always matches the mood!"

"I have experienced this work as a wonderful and enriching journey. It has opened up a world I would have completely rejected when I was younger. It has opened my heart to the extent that I am no longer frightened by my potential, no longer have to dress it up so much in the finery of superiority or the rags of inferiority."

"Having unrestricted access to the swimming pool is always a luxury at Bonhays, as is being cared for in so many ways by the contributions your family make over the weekend, so a huge heartfelt 'thank you' to the whole team."

"Thank you so much for the depth of your work, your deep understanding, your gentleness and penetration, and your shining authenticity. It has meant so much to come to the retreats for all these years. Long may it last!"

"Work at Bonhays is essentially heart work, learning to quietly open to the deep mystery of our existence. We begin to meet the world with compasion rather than fear, because we are learning to be compassionate to ourselves. We meet others' failings with forgiveness because we have explored what it really means to forgive ourselves. We protect ourselves not with barriers and reactivity but with the indestructible power of softness and openess."

Thanks to all of you who contributed these kind words